Test cycle of your wind turbine at a glance

As the operator, you are responsible for ensuring that your wind turbines are checked at regular intervals for possible defects or damage. This means that you bear the liability risk for your wind turbine. Start the new year with good intentions and find out which inspections are required using our practical online checklist.

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Energy consult Prüfgesellschaft is available to advise you on risk assessment and any other questions you may have. Good, regular maintenance of your wind turbine offers you many advantages: You can benefit from the resulting safety until the next inspection date, downtimes are avoided and system availability is increased. For you, this means a reduced risk of considerable repair costs, loss of yield and safety-related complaints. Time and again, we notice this in our consultations: There are clear performance differences regarding the execution of inspections and tests. Did you know that a carefully conducted DGUV V3 inspection takes at least 3–4 hours and includes the following as a minimum:

Checking the low-voltage electrical installation (pursuant to DGUV V3)

  • Checking the condition of the electrical equipment
  • Checking the protective measures against electric shock
  • Marking and adjustment of the electrical equipment
  • Checking the cable routing
  • Checking the equipotential bonding conductors up to the main earthing terminal
  • Performing measurements in accordance with existing standards and accepted engineering practice

Checking the medium-voltage electrical installation (pursuant to DGUV V3)

  • Visual inspection of the switchgear, opening the cable outlet sections
  • Secondary test of the protective relay of the medium-voltage switchgear
  • Checking of HH fuse triggering
  • Visual inspection of the medium-voltage transformer and of the medium-voltage cable
  • Checking the equipotential bonding conductors of the HV system and measurement of the earthing resistance

Optionally, if desired:
Maintenance of the switchgear, maintenance of the compact station and protection tests in the wind turbine/transfer station

Thanks to our sound expertise, we offer you the possibility of monitoring the condition of your installations in the best possible technical way. Simply use our checklist. You can track at a glance which inspections are due on your wind turbines in which operating year.