DGUV V3 inspections

Ensuring the technical safety of electrical systems and equipment of a wind turbine is also one of the duties of a wind farm operator.

With our DGUV V3 inspection, you can quickly and safely guarantee compliance with the legal requirements of Regulation 3 of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV).

As a rule, the DGUV V3 inspection must be performed on wind turbines every four years. Basically, the numerous test points are examined in detail through inspection, testing and measurement. All electrical components that may represent a source of danger in the short or long term are tested: Loose screw connections, missing or defective safety devices, damage to the cables, etc.

Accidents involving personal injuries caused by electric current and their legal liability consequences can be prevented by complying with the legal requirements.

In addition, periodic inspection of wind turbine technology ensures early detection of defects so that deficiencies can be eliminated before they lead to lengthy downtimes of the wind turbine.

Since 60 percent of all wind turbine downtimes result from malfunctions in electronic components, this inspection improves not only personal safety but also the long-term availability of your wind turbine and also the yield situation.

The DGUV V3 inspection can only be performed by experienced electricians. To ensure a detailed and efficient inspection, our competent electricians have many years of experience in wind turbine technology and have received additional DGUV V3 training.

See the duty as an opportunity and benefit from the implementation of the DGUV V3 inspection by energy consult Prüfgesellschaft.