Continued operations 20+

A continued operation report provides information on whether continued operation after the 20-year service life would be viable and economically attractive.

This requires an economic and a technical analysis of the respective wind turbine. Our experts prepare complete and independent expert reports for the safe and legally sound continued operation of your wind turbine with a service life of more than 20 years.

Basically, there are two test modules within the continued operation report, the analytical check and the practical check.

The analytical check

includes a computational verification of the loads of the wind turbine, taking account of the operating data, a weak point analysis and the actual location factors of the wind turbine. For this purpose, for example, an additional wind and turbulence report is prepared.

In the practical check,

the technical condition of the wind turbine is examined on site; this includes examining the stability under the aspect of fatigue and wear. The check comprises of both visual inspection and non-destructive inspection methods as well as, if necessary, sampling from the support structure.

After combining the two checks, the theoretical service life of the wind turbine is calculated and a recommendation for action is made. The report serves as proof of stability for continued operation. We recommend carrying out the continued operation report 20+ in combination with a gear endoscopy in the 18th year of operation.

This gives you enough time to create the basic conditions and decisions for the continued operation, sale or repowering of your wind farm.