Periodic inspections

Periodic inspections must be performed by experts at regular intervals of four years to ensure hazard-free continued operation of your wind turbine.

During the periodic inspection, the machine including the electrotechnical equipment of the operation management and safety system as well as the rotor blades, the tower and the foundation are inspected to ensure that they are free from defects. For example, the tower structure is examined for damage with regard to stability. This can be corrosion, cracks or spalling in the supporting steel and concrete structures. We also check whether there are any unauthorised deviations from the approved design, such as the allowable tilting or the required earth load on the foundation.

The following documents must be submitted to our experts for the periodic inspection:

  • Service specifications
  • Operating instructions
  • Commissioning report
  • Approval decision
  • Expert opinion/type testing
  • Reports from previous periodic inspections

The current condition of your wind turbine including the individual components is seamlessly recorded by us in a specifically designed documentation system and made available completely digitally.