As a member of the Expert Consulting Committee of the German Wind Energy Association (BWE), we know what high standards must be met in the operation of a wind turbine. The complete monitoring of a wind turbine through periodic maintenance, inspection and repair as well as regular independent assessments are prerequisites for ensuring the best possible safety of operation.

Energy consult Prüfgesellschaft carries out technical tests and inspections, the legally required safety checks and grid protection tests of your wind turbines quickly and flexibly. In addition to continued operation reports, we also carry out inspections before expiry of warranty, periodic inspections and technical checks of any kind. In this way, we offer you the option of monitoring the condition of your turbines in the best possible technical way.

With our comprehensive inspections as part of preventive maintenance measures, possible damage can be detected and repaired at an early stage, downtimes avoided and turbine availability increased. For you, this means a reduced risk of considerable repair costs, loss of yield and safety-related complaints.

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Periodic inspections

Ein Mitarbeiter führt die Wiederkehrende Prüfung durch

Continued operations 20+

Zwei Mitarbeiter prüfen die Daten für den Weiterbetrieb

DGUV V3 inspections

Ein Mitarbeiter führt eine DGUV Prüfung durch

Grid protection test

Zwei Mitarbeiter führen eine Netzschutzprüfung durch

Analysis technical condition

Ein Mitarbeiter analysiert den technischen Anlagenzustand

Drone inspection