Analysis technical condition

The energy consult Prüfgesellschaft carries out inspections after commissioning and expiry of warranty as well as technical wind turbine inspections to identify defects in wind turbines early on.

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After the commissioning of your wind turbines, our experts carry out an inspection, which includes all components of the wind turbine and documents the condition of the turbine after commissioning.
Essentially, we check whether the specific criteria of your delivery agreement have been adhered to and all technical requirements under the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) have been fulfilled accordingly.

This commissioning/acceptance report thus serves to clarify necessary improvements and repairs in advance, which have to be carried out by the wind turbine manufacturer free of charge under the warranty.
As a rule, such an assessment is carried out after trial operation of the wind turbine or before the acceptance date.

Our experts inspect your turbine in good time before expiry of warranty to prevent possible damage to your wind turbine immediately after the warranty period has expired. Possible damage and any weak points are identified and forwarded to the manufacturer responsible for remedying them. For you as the operator, this means a reduction in upcoming costs, as defects are already detected and rectified within the specified warranty period.

The inspection results in complete documentation of the current status of your wind turbine. What’s more, we provide you with detailed test documentation for further clarification of your rights to service and repair work.
This inspection usually includes the scope of the periodic inspection.

Regular inspections (semi-annual/annual or even shorter cycles) serve to identify any defects that arise in good time. In addition to inspecting the entire turbine and conducting an optical inspection, we also thoroughly check the noise development on rotating parts such as generator, gearbox or rotor.

We thus offer you the option of monitoring the condition of your turbines in the best possible technical way, whether to fulfil the requirements of your insurance or to comply with your request for conducting a close inspection of your turbines.

To ensure that there are no damages during transport and no obvious manufacturing defects, we inspect the components of the wind turbine such as the bodies of the blade from the outside and, if desired and possible, from the inside. Thus, the blade test before installation ensures that the surface coating is in perfect condition and reveals possible deviations from the target state.

Detailed documentation including a detailed description and photos complete the check and provide you with the desired overview and serve as a basis for further negotiations.

Visual inspections of gearboxes using video endoscopy is a fast and cost-effective method of conducting gearbox checks. The gear endoscopy provides a concrete statement about the condition of the gear, e.g., of rolling bearings and gear teeth, which would not be recognisable without complex partial disassembly.

This way, damage can be detected at an early stage, downtimes avoided, malfunctions reduced and turbine availability improved.

Vibrations in the drive train can cause serious damage if the limit values are exceeded, even leading to a breakdown of components and parts of your wind turbine. Vibration measurements and analyses make it possible to recognise and localise irregularities in the drive train, in particular, shafts, bearings and gearing stages, at an early stage.

energy consult offers vibration measurement by an experienced team as part of a preventive maintenance measure, thus enabling early detection of damage and reducing repair and breakdown costs.

Rotor imbalances can cause damage to the drive train of your wind turbine and result in a long-term breakdown of your wind turbine, including considerable loss of yield.

Our experienced technical experts can detect rotor imbalances at an early stage using vibration measuring instruments and provide you with cost-effective recommendations for preventive action to avoid unnecessary risks to your wind turbine.